Greenfield police officer resigns amid theft investigation

A Greenfield police officer has resigned following allegations he had an inappropriate relationship with a female jewel theft suspect. Greenfield police say that investigators learned that the officer and a female suspect in a jewel thief were exchanging sexually explicit text messages back in August. Full Story: Today's TMJ4


Why is it that cops can't seem to behave? I have been seeing so much of this kind of junk lately, resignations for inappropriate behavior and such. Is it really that hard to be an upstanding authority figure?

Well it isn't hard for most people to be at least morally intact, which I would say this guy was not! Glad he resigned.

They are both adults, aren't they? Who cares if they were texting each other.

Well it is better than the one up north who was sending pics of his privates to underage girls, still not appropriate though in my opinion.

I think he made the right decision to resign, not the kind of person that I would be respectful to.

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